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A space for keeping track of things I learn, things I want to remember, things I want to share, things I want to connect.

Ideally each page here would actually be a bespoke HTML page of its own, but using a Wiki, at least for now, feels like an easy way to get nice functions such as tags and categories, and also enable me to quickly add stuff. Perhaps it will transform once there's more content.

If you want to comment on something here, pass along some information, make a suggestions or correction, etc., feel free to Contact Me. Sometimes I ask for info. with tag.


Some starting points.


Tags are the primary way pages here are categorised. These're some definitions of some commonly used ones:

Stuff learned trying to fix problems, mostly with software.
Little things I've learned, or am trying to learn, when futzing with software and hardware.
Pages that collect together other pages. Kinda a holdover from the old design.
Projects! Things I've made, I'm making, or am thinking about making.
Lots of notes on videogames, keep meaning to do this for other media.
Mostly translated song lyrics, some videogame menus.
Because of clumsy server config. some edits get bounced by filters, so I have to edit the files manually. This screws with the edit history.

See Also


See Also


  • 'NB', '※', and '☞' are pretty much used interchangeably.
    • green text points to pages within this wiki,
    • red text points to pages within the wiki that don't exist,
    • blue text points to pages elsewhere online, and have an icon in front that represents the website they will send you to.
    • green text with a tag icon in front links to a tag page.
  • I know it looks pretentious, but it helps me (learning languages, researching) to put works and peoples' names in the characters of their language, with the romanisation following in brackets.
  • At the bottom of pages there should be three sections: that page's tags, backlinks (pages that link to page you're on), and a tag cloud showing popular tags across the whole wiki. I hope these help you wander round the wiki.


※ Dokuwiki customisations available at: dokuwiki-tweaks-rjt.
※ My Dokuwiki template is also on tildegit: dokuwiki-template-base.

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