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A section for different projects of mine: past, current, future, probably-never, and impossible :)

Because of the unstable nature of some of these pages, titles and URLs may change.

Others' Projects I'd Like to Contribute to

  • EasyRPG RTP - EasyRPG is an open-source editor and player for RPG Maker 2XXX games. I'd like to contribute graphics (I used to make lots of spritesheets in this format), but I've never got round to it.
  • RogueBox Adventures - Is a rogue-like game someone on my Mastodon instance made. I'd started making a graphics pack, but go distracted by other projects.
  • Transdroid - Particularly the search plugin, as it's pretty handy for finding torrents, but doesn't support some trackers I like, and seems to break a bit. Never done anything for Android, so that could be interesting to learn.
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