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PDF Catalogue (Working Title)

Software for organising, sorting, and viewing digital documents. Born out of frustration using Calibre—wanting something more like Foobar 2000 and other music library organisers+players.


  • PDFs (etc.) don't get moved to a a special folder, just leave them wherever you want / organise them however you want.
  • Be able to 'watch' the user's directory for changes, and update without prompting
  • Metadata shares Calibre's format (see the metadata.opf files, which are XML).
  • Super-customisable layout.
  • Fetch metadata online.
  • Custom filters: regex with a nice GUI interface if needed.
  • Use something zippy like MuPDF for rendering docs. That could be modular.
  • Python or FreePascal, I guess.
  • Rely on existing system, so use 'outside' programs for things like pdf reading/rendering
  • config file for settings is fine.
    • library directory (i don't need multiple, but might be useful)
    • pdf viewer location, if want one not default (xdg-open)
    • ExifTool location
    • location for 'collections'
  • 'panels'
    • file browser (or maybe not)
    • collections (like playlists, store as separate plaintext lists of files)
    • keywords (tags)
    • author
    • subject
  • OBSPDFC Official Blueberry Soft PDF Catalogue ??


(Just have this urge to do things in FreePascal, but Python seems way easier)



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