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Calibre is a mature but still kinda clunky program for managing digital texts. I used it to organise PDFs of essay and things, and sync that to my NAS so I can read them from a tablet computer.

I've since stopped using it and started working on my own solution.



I've tried two plug-ins so far that've both been worth recommending. One for finding duplicate files, and one for grabbing metadata from Goodreads. I installed them from the built-in plug-in package manager, but here are the links they provide as their 'Plugin homepage':


The two I've tried are COPS and Ubooquity.


Was really easy to install via a QPKG, only hitches were:

  • Admin page was at a different port/address than they said [URL]:2203/admin rather than [URL]:2202/admin
  • Couldn't find the address of the OPDS feed without some digging. It's: [URL]:2202/books-opds




Annoyingly, Calibre doesn't officially support storing it's database on a network drive.

I'm using a NAS and accessing it using SMB. The post linked below suggests adding nobrl to the mount options in fstab to stop the common 'database is locked' errors.

Previously I kept the library on my computer and synced it with the NAS with Syncthing, so that's another option.

The only downside I've encountered is due to Linux file systems being case-sensitive and Windows ones not. So I lost a bunch of things when I wanted to fix an incorrect capitalisation in an author's name.

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