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Animal Plaza (working title)

Animal Plaza is an open-source, Animal Crossing-like game. The main inspiration for the project is to fix some of Nintendo's backwardsness to do with things like gender.


Player's are able to be a human and other kinds of animals (note this needs to be taken into account as dressing up animals who have different room for hats and hairstyles, for example, could be trickyish). Player's are able to use whatever gender and pronouns they wish, and are able to edit this at any time, easily.



Game has to be easy to mod. For example:

  • If player wants to replace all the ducks in the game that should be easy.
  • If player wants to add a new set of ducks to the existing ones …
  • If player wants to replace everything in the game, so a person could use it as a base and make their own assets …
  • This should apply to everything: text, items, music, …


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