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Lost Things

If you have any information that might help, please get in touch.



Maybe less a magazine and more a demo disc, but it was a monthly thing that looked like a magazine. Was only a piece of cardboard folded to magazine size. Came with a CD. 90s. Each issue was themed. I had an RPG one and an Adventure Game one. Theme was adhered to pretty loosely. All sorts of demos and shareware on there.DOS stuff, Windows stuff. Lots didn't work. Dunno if it was just a local thing. I think 'PC' was in the title. Suspect it might help with the lost software below.


Super Analogue System Volume 1. Analogue synth covers of videogame music. I used to like the version of 7pm from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. At some point it was all taken down. The artist has since put a Volume 2 up on Bandcamp, but no sign of the first one. Metadata on second album credits artist as 'Daniel Thomas', and has dead link to


I remember a game making tool with very Windows 3.x graphics. Sparse, white BG, black lines, 16 colour palette. Made adventure games where you move room-by-room. Sci-fi setting. No character visible, just click on things. Built-in items like coloured keys. Closest thing I can find is MacVenture. There's a window for the room, one for text, and one for inventory. I remember octagon-shaped rooms? Maybe these was a map window too.I had this pretty early, so dunno if it came with a magazine or on a CD, or on a disk.


Have a very vague Memory of an adventure game where you had to hunt down the Kelly gang. Maybe a bit like Carmen Sandiego? I remember CGA graphics. Never tried looking for this too hard, just remember playing it in class a couple of times.


There was this British kids show I'd catch on the ABC that I remember having this great scary atmosphere. Started with some kids moving to live with some relos in the country, that kinda thing. Big country house. Down the bottom of the back yard was a big tree, or something like that. May have been called an arc? I remember a lot of nighttimes and rain. I don't remember what scary things happened, maybe something to do with a carriage and weird stuff emanating from the 'tree', just remember the atmosphere.

I remember this scary, bouncy animation, I think it was puppetry, or maybe paper cut-out, of this tiger going round in someone's house, I guess eating people. I associate the Memory with Square One TV, and I remember always trying to watch it to see the animation again, but it doesn't really fit the theme of the show? Maybe it was just on in-between hows?


Little notes so I don't lose them again.

  • A movie I saw a few times on SBS. Took me years of going through lists, but eventually turned it up as Secret Chronicle: Prostitution Market. I think the name on SBS was just 'Prostitution Market', or something like that.
  • A Flash game I kept trying to remember. Again, I didn't have a name, just some bits of memories (basic gameplay, Flash, school kids, red earth), but a pal remembered it: Love Punks.
  • I remember a film that I thought was called something like 'The Immigrant' or 'The Translator' or my main hunch was 'The Interpreter'. Came out in cinemas, 2000s or 2010s. Main guy was American, and is in other things. Reviewed on The Movie Show. Even my parents saw it. About an American guy who acts as an interpreter for a guy getting his visa. He plays an Arabic drum at some point, I think the guy give it to him. There's a joke about 'Arab time' at a market.
    ☞ Had another look, and found it as I was about to post this: The Visitor! Thought I should search for keywords on TMDB, and it paid off.
  • I remember a shareware version of a neat breakanoid-type game where your paddle was carried by a cartoon professor (like Thunder and Lightning), and you could tilt the paddle to different angles. I thought it was called Nyett III, but turns out that's a different game (a Tetris clone). Probably for DOS, but maybe Windows 3.x. Some time in the 90s. Graphics were nice, so maybe VGA or SVGA.
    ☞ It's Break Through Bukulu! No number in title, and I thought the playfield was taller, but this is def it. I wonder if there's a breakanoid with a professor guy I was conflating this with. Maybe the paddle couldn't tilt, or had limited angles.
  • A post punk song from here I think. It was on my musuc blog, but went missing with some stuff when I accidentally deleted it off Tumblr. Sounded real harsh, industrially? Chorus was guy shouting something like '[something] - is the enemy - of the [something]'. Feel like their name had 'no' in it? Or something negative. Video was very VHS and DIY, like it was recorded in a room at RMIT or something.
    ☞ Writing that all helped, 'cause a couple of minutes of lookign again turned it up: Death to the Users of the World by No.
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