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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Dream Address 6E00-0036-8207 6E00-006C-AF57


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Also have a spare picture of Flip


Coffee Preferences

Noting down the coffee preferences of my villagers. I keep forgetting to make notes on special characters :/

Villager Bean Qty. Milk Qty. Sugars
Ankha Kilimanjaro None 0
Cheri Mocha Lots 3
Elmer Blend Lots 3
Flip Kilimanjaro A little 1
Freckles Mocha Regular 2
Jay Kilimanjaro None 0
Kabuki Blue Mountain Regular 2
Kiki Mocha A little 1
Melba Mocha None 0
Merry Blue Mountain Regular 2
Miranda Blend Lots 0
Pete Blend Regular 2
Phil Mocha Regular 2
Tom Nook Kilimanjaro Lots 1
KK Slider !Mocha !Regular !2
Anchovy !Blend <Lots 2
Kicks Mocha ? ?



Copied list from this Tumblr post of items and their lighting effects.

Colour Item Notes
Blue mush lamp
ice lamp
egg lamp
lava lamp
princess lamp
pisces lamp
football fish lamp
sloppy lamp
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
stained glass lamp refurbished, subtle
lotus lamp refurbished, very subtle
Green firefly lamp very subtle
Alpine Lamp refurbished LEAF
stone lantern
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
minimalist lamp refurbished MOSS GREEN, subtle
lotus lamp refurbished, very subtle
Purple scorpio lamp
harvest lamps very subtle
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
stained glass lamp refurbished, subtle
Red holiday candle
balloon dog lamp by default, customisable
red tasselled lantern
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
stained glass lamp refurbished/subtle
lotus lamp pink, very subtle

I think the golden man and golden woman give off a yellow light?


Things I still want to catch

Name Kind When Where Time Notes
Banded Dragonfly Bug Jul–Aug Flying 8AM–5PM Not on island
Evening Cicada Apr–Oct Trees All day
Fly All Trash All day Not in rain
Golden Stag Jun–Org Palm trees 11PM–8AM
House Centipede Aug–Oct Rocks 7PM–8AM
Mosquito Jun–Sep Flying 5PM–4AM Circles three times before biting
Orchid Mantis Apr–Nov White flowers 8AM–5PM
Scorpion Jul–Sep Ground 7PM–4AM Scared by net and movement
Tarantula Jun–Aug Ground 11PM–4AM Scared by net and movement
Walking Leaf Jul–Sep Ground 8AM–5PM Disguised as light furniture leaf
Horseshoe Crab Sea Jul–Sep Underwater 9PM–4AM Medium-size, slow
Spider Crab Mar–Apr Underwater All day Really big, and slow
Gar Fish Jun–Sep River pool 4PM–9AM
King Salmon Sep Varies All day Location changes: 1st–14th ocean mouth, 15th–30th River
Soft-shelled Turtle Aug–Sep River 4PM–9AM

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