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Australia has real expensive laws about pirate radio, but there are some good community radio stations.

Technically, stations always have a '3' in front ('2' in Sydney, etc.), but some drop it.


Useful information for people new to Melbourne.


Tullamarine Airport

Getting to and from the airport is typically done via the SkyBus airport shuttle. But it's expensive (like twenty-and-a-half bucks). It goes express between Tullamarine Airport and Southern Cross Station.

But you can get a regular bus (so you can use a Myki [see §Myki]) that connects with the regular train system. It's a bit less straight-forward than the SkyBus, but if you're confident in navigating the PT network, it's a great way to save some money. Also great if you live / are staying on a train or tram line that the bus connects to, because the only place the Skybus stops is at Southern Cross Station.

The buses all leave from outside Terminal 4, and are:

  • 478 Airport West SC | Map
  • 479 Airport West SC - Sunbury Station | Map
  • 482 Airport West SC | Map
  • 901 Frankston | Map
    This one's the most useful, generally, and stops at a bunch of train stations, including Broadmeadows, Epping, Greensborough, Blackburn, Dandenong, and Kananook. Getting off at Broady and getting the train to where you want is probably the quickest option.
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If arriving from the airport you can either buy a Myki at:



  • Rise - 'Refugee and Asylum seeker organisation in Australia to be run and governed by Refugees'.
  • Pets of the Homeless - Help homeless people's pets. Accept food donations.

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