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Internet Radio


Not actually radio, but

  • Radiooooo
    Play a selection of songs from different countries from different eras.
  • #pouetRadio
    Collects music posted to the Fediverse with the tags #tootRadio and #pouetRadio. Less a radio station really and just a list of Youtube embeds.



Most audio players seem to support audio streams. Some examples:

I've been trying a few dedicated Internet radio players too, here're some notes:

  • PyRadio LordzShadow/PyRadio
    Don't like how it uses VLC to play the audio. Also not keen on how it looks.
  • PyRadio coderholic/pyradio
    Unrelated to the 'PyRadio' above, uses an ncurses interface, can use VLC, mpv, or Mplayer for playback. Probably easy to build a GUI for it if I really want.
  • Radio Tray NG - ebruck/radiotray-ng
    I seem to have settled on this one. This, and are few other are inspired by>the original Radio Tray. Puts an icon in your tray and you select channels from there. Comes with a program for customising the list if you don't wanna mess with json. I haven't tried thekvs/radiotray-lite, 'cause it wasn't in the AUR. They all use Gstreamer.
  • Shortwave / Kradio
    If you like your Gnome / KDE ecosystems these seem to be your respective options.

As I mostly use MPD for listening to music, I should also mention you can add streams there.




  • Mixx
  • BUTT

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