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Did you know: You can launch VLC in a CLI mode with cvlc, and an ncurses interface with nvlc.

Video Capture

To capture video from my webcam I:

  1. Use alsamixer to make sure the mic volume's on/up :)
  2. Media > Open Capture Device (or Ctrl+c)
  3. Make sure things are setup in Capture Mode, Video Device Name and Audio Device Name.
  4. Instead of Play you want Capture


MIDI support is not included in the regular VLC package in Arch Linux. Supposedly it's included in the git version of the package in the AUR, but that's not currently building for me because of a Lua problem.

Disable Autoplay

By default VLC will play the next thing in a playlist automatically. I needed to temporarily disable this when listening to a bunch of sound effects, so the next one would only play when you either double-clicked it, or pressed next.

Tools > Preferences > Playlist > Play and pause

☞ If you can't find 'Playlist' you're probably in the 'Simple' view. Check the radio buttons in the bottom left.


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