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Websites that don't support RSS

I assume to encourage you to make an account. In my experience tend to be shit websites I don't want to use! But they have people I want to keep track of :(


  • e-flux
  • Facebook
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitter


  • rss-bridge - Supports heaps of places, and people also contribute. Need to host, but there are plenty of websites setup that run it already. EG:
  • - Very straightforward, enter someone's Twitter username and get an RSS feed. Also does Twitter searches.
  • Queryfeed - Does Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Has a bunch more options. For examples get a feed of tags. Didn't like the Facebook page I fed it.
  • getrssfeed - Soundcloud and iTunes. RSS-Bridge doesn't work for Soundcloud for me, but this fills the gap!
  • IFTTT - Is a general tool for automating communication between programs. Somethings it helps here. Not a fan though.
  • FetchRSS - General, needs registration.
  • Selfoss - I think this in actually an RSS reader?
  • RSS Box - Nice and clear, supports lots of different places.
  • Huginn - Like IFTTT, a general automation tool that can be used to generate RSS feeds.
  • Kill the Newsletter! - Slightly different, turns E-mail newsletters into RSS feeds.



Ones I need to follow-up on / research more.

Personal Requirements

  • Feeds are editable after creation (excludes non-signup ones I guess).
  • Not dodgey.
  • Maybe self-hosted, or even just a script I can build a page around.

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