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Wrap Lines

For some reason the setting to wraps lines of text is really hidden away–

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > General > Config Editor

–then search for 'wrap'.



Thunderbird's great and all, but it's also messy!

Runs, but no window

A couple of times I've gotten stuck in situations where it would start, but no windows would actually appear, and it would just keep hogging CPU in the background.

Running thunderbird -safe-mode has always worked to fix things for me. Once you're back in Thunderbird you can try re-enabling add-ons to help determine the problem. For me it's always bloody Lightning.

Other things you might like to try are deleting everything in ~/.cache/thunderbird, and making sure the .parentlock is deleted when TB quits.


NB: You can filter RSS feeds that same way you do email messages. Tools > Message Filters > Filters For:

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