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I previously used Backloggery to keep track of games I/I've own/owned, and how much I played them.


Decided to switch over to a local collection manager, so here're some note son moving my collection across with the two programs I've tried.



Tellico can import from a bunch of different sources, but in this case the only useful option is CSV.

  1. Using BLTool get a copy of your data:
    java -jar bltool.jar --from backloggery --bl-name USERNAME --bl-pass PASSWORD --to text --output backloggery-export.csv
  2. Use a text editor with column selection (Vim, Geany, Notepad++) to delete the first column, 'cause that's just Backloggery info.
  3. Use regex to change the spaces between columns into single tabs.
    In Geany I did this by highlighting the columns before the game name and pressing Ctrl + H to pen the find/replace dialogue. Then in the 'Search for:' box put + and in the 'Replace with:' box put \t.
    • Make sure all those unwanted space are gone. I still had a few before some game titles.
    • If you use the 'original system' field you'll need to go delete that data too as it'll throw your columns off. Otherwise you could insert some tabs and make a custom field in Tellico if you want that info.
  4. In Tellico go File > Import > Import CSV Data… and select your file.
  5. In the next dialogue you need to set the 'Delimiter' to 'Tab', and then assign the columns how you want.
  6. Hit import and you should be done!
  • I ended up changing platform names and stuff by opening the XML file Tellico makes in a text editor. BLTools+Tellico also did some funny things with collections and completion status that I fixed up that was too.



'A tool for command line interaction with'

Allows you to import games from Steam, XBox, text files. Allows export of games list.


Export games list to a text file to import to another program:

java -jar bltool.jar --from backloggery --bl-name USERNAME --bl-pass PASSWORD --to edn --output backloggery-export.txt

In place of edn you can also use json or text (for tab separated).

Backloggery Enhancements

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