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Youtube is a hellhole.



They don't usually last forever, but Youtube has some real treasure troves.


Tips to make Youtube less shit:

  • Don't use an account. If you want to follow channels you can us RSS. Google obscures the feed URL, but I use youtube-rss-finder to put a little button in the Address bar.
    • Some people use this kinda thing to set it up so their computer downloads videos they want to watch.
  • Use a container in Firefox, and don't store cookies.
  • Regularly wipe all the other stuff it stores on your computer with cookie-autodelete, this way you'll avoid it's recommendations.
  • Use a browser plugin so you can block whichever channels you choose from being shown to you.
  • Try clients like Invidious and NewPipe.


To make a video URL start at a particular time you can define it in minutes and seconds by adding &t=XmYs to the end, where X is the minute and Y is the number of seconds, for example


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