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Monster Hunter


Games I've Played

I've also tried the demos for the 3DS games, but I just find it way too uncomfortable. Generations on the Switch in handheld mode is tolerable though.

  • Monster Hunter Tri
    First one I played, but never played it much. Just enough to know that I liked it, and then bought World.
  • Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
    Still pretty early in this, as I ended just playing World when I felt like monhunning. Kinda surprised? at how little I miss a bunch of World's conveniences, and feel like in this format I pay more attention to my surroundings. Expecting Rise to be a good mix of both, but we'll see.
    Mostly played bow, I think aerial style just 'cause I like bouncing-up off the mon and shooting mid-air.
  • Monster Hunter: World
    Steam says I've played this for 169.4 hours. I never finished Iceborne (never did the Velkhana fight), but this's what's made me most excited to play more.
    I started out with hunting horn and liked that a bunch, but after trying insect glaive I barely went back.
  • Monster Hunter Rise
    I love a lot of stuff about this one, especially everything wirebug-related.

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