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Winter Gold

Winter Gold is a SNES game released in 1996. A North American version was planned under the name FX Skiing, but was not released.

The game uses a similar graphic technique to Spaceballs' Amiga demo Start of the Art (NB: flashing graphics), and they share a programmer, Paul Endresen (AKA: Lone Starr). The developer, Funcom, was founded by, and hired many people from the European demoscene.
The menu background copies the 'dancing girl' motif found in State of the Art, made by tracing pre-recorded video with vectors. In Winter Gold the course graphics use the same technique, though the traced video in these cases was originally 3-D. It's one of the most interesting looking SNES games: the graphics look like a jumbley PlayStation game, and the sparse, considered use of colour and lighting recall Mirror's Edge. Effectively the game is just sprites on a streaming background (though one created in real-time–as incredible and contradictory as real-time and streaming seem to be) but feels much more alive than that.


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