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Nintendo Wii

Wii Number 1366-9182-1785-3926




Custom Soundtracks

Some games support custom soundtracks:

Music files have to be .MP3. They can be saved anywhere on the SD Card. You can't do nice things like have certain folders for certain games, it just finds all the music files. You select one song at a time, or tell it to pick one at random.

You can also hack-in your own music to other games:




There are three different types, I would say.

  1. A shell with no electronic parts. You put a Wiimote in, and attach a nunchuck if required.
  2. A shell with nunchuck built-in. Still requires insertion of wiimote.
  3. A stand-alone gun.

The only ones I've tried are the first type. The form-factor of the official shell is good for some games, like the Sega Model 2 ports. For other stuff I tend to use a little Nyko pistol shell with an uncomfortably wide grip. There are now some clones with the same design.

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Other Controllers

Though the Wii has two USB ports on the back, games typically don't support controllers that use that interface, and if they do, they're controllers specifically designed to work with that game. USB controller support is a per-game thing, in other words.

An exception is using Nintendont to play Gamecube games, which will handle communication with USB HID interfaces, so you can, for example, use a joystick with SNK v. Capcom 2.

You can of course use controllers from other consoles via adapters, though depending on what you want to use this can get a bit convoluted. At least they're not expensive. This video runs through pretty much everything: PS4, Joy-Con, N64, Xbox & more Controllers all working on Nintendo Wii. Pretty surprising to me that the only adaptors that go directly into the Wiimote are for NES and SNES, Gamecube, and PS2, but hopefully I can figure out how to wire up other pads to Wii connectors at some point (NB:

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uDraw GameTablet

A resistive tablet and pressure-sensitive stylus developed by THQ. You attach and dock the Wiimote inside, and there are some games released for it that take advantage of the tilt functionality.

A version was later released for the PS3 and 360. It looks a little different, and seems to add some multitouch functionality.

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When I got my Wii I spent a bit of time agonising over rechargeable battery packs. There are a bunch available, but not much concrete info on them. Took me a while to realise that the clear best option is to just buy good quality rechargeable AAs, namely Eneloops. You can get little starter kits with a charger and a quantity of AAA and AA cells šŸ‘Œ

PC Controller

There are lots of cool projects based round using it as an interface with a PC. Seems pretty straight-forward to get it to work.

Other Wiimotes
  • There's a bowling ball-shaped wiimote shell.
  • There's a pair of dumbbells, dunno if they have any extra weight.
  • Cooking Mama and Trauma Center have similar Wiimote shell sets. One part is a swiss-army-knife type thing with multiple implements, the other is a flat thing that makes sense as a frypan, but for Trauma Center/ I dunno what it's even supposed to be.
  • Thrustmaster made a lightsabre one.
  • There are pom-poms!
  • I found a pic of a boxing glove that doesn't even look real, let alone comfortable.
  • There's a 'airplane controller stand' that I'd like. Not sure what games it'd work well with though.

Wii Balance Board

Highlights / curiosities from that list (now with notes~):

Title Have? Format Impression (pre) Notes (post)
Copter Crisis - WiiWare fast
Doctor Fizzwizzle's Animal Rescue - Disc Breakanoids
Equilibrio - WiiWare 2-D Rollers
The G1 Jockey games - Disc curious how well they work without that arcade cab though.
The Garfield Show: Threat of the Space Lasagna - Disc Gotta garf
Go Vacation - Disc is pretty cool, just haven't tried it with the board
Horizon Riders āœ“ WiiWare Railshooter Baaaaaad
Imagine Fashion Party āœ“ Disc MULTIPLAYER FASHION
The Incredible Maze - WiiWare Rollers
Intervilles - Disc Minigames, like it's-a-knockout or something
Marble Saga: Kororinpa āœ“ Disc Has 30 separate courses for balance board users. Good
(Night of Sacrifice)
- Disc horror game by Marvellous
Overturn āœ“ WiiWare Virtual-On-like
ćƒŖ惩惃ć‚Æ惞 ćæ悓ćŖ恧恔悆悋悊ē”Ÿę“»
(Rilakkuma Everybody's Easy Life[?])
āœ“ Disc cute
Rock Nā€™ Roll Climber āœ“ WiiWare rad complex rock climbing
Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage āœ“ Disc
Shaun White Skateboarding āœ“ Disc
Skate City Heroes āœ“ Disc
Skate It āœ“ Disc
Ski and Shoot āœ“ Disc Skiing and shooting
Sleepover Party āœ“ Disc Sleeping and partying
Snowboard Riot āœ“ WiiWare
(Tokyo Friend Park II Ketteiban: Minna de Chousen! Taikan Attraction)
āœ“ Disc minigames
Vacation Isle: Beach Party - Disc like Go Vacation
Vertigo - Disc Rollers
Walk It Out / Step To The Beat āœ“ WiiWare walking game where you build a town Really thought there'd be more control over how you design the town :(
Water Sports āœ“ Disc
We Ski & Snowboard āœ“ Disc Mii avatar skiing
Wii Music āœ“ Disc
Winter Blast: Snow & Ice Games āœ“ Disc
Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit - Disc It has curling and snow motorbike racing
World Party Games - Disc
Using with PCs


Wiis are very easy to mod, which lets you do stuff like re-enable online services and play, and run games from external drives and the SD card.


Emulator Notes

System Emulator Notes
PlayStation WiiSXRX No longer getting updates, but most current. Performance and compatibility varies a lot.
Arcade Retroarch Final Burn Alpha cores.
Arcade Mame Supported games are listed in the UI. Neither arcade emulator is great. Compatability is different between them, so handy to have both.

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RiiConnect is a way to use the online functions of the Wii even though those services are now shut-down :)

It's a simple script you run that generates some files, that you then copy onto your SD card, and install via the Homebrew Channel/

NB: I also had to install the dependencies mono and xdelta3 to get it to run.


Wiimmfi (I keep calling it WiiFML in my head) is the replacement for online features in games. There's a general patch that works for most stuff, but some particular games have their own patch, which does some extra stuff like change text in the game data.

Mario Kart and Smash Bros. are probably the most popular online Wii games (2021/22), but it works for Animal Crossing, PES, and other stuff too.

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You can easily convert an ISO to a WBFS file with the command-line tool Wit (or using a GUI frontend for it) using the copy command. Simply wit copy [filename].iso [filename].wbfs will do the job quickly!

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