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斬撃のREGINLEIV (AKA Zangeki no Reginleiv, and Slashing Reginleiv) is a Norse + general Europe inspired fantasy action game by Sandlot. It's similar to their Earth Defense Force Series games, but with swords and some fun Wii controls. There're some interesting changes to the EDF formula, like having a bit of a 'vacuum' effect so it's easier to pick up doodads (I believe this's now in EDF 5), and different ways of acquiring addition HP and weapons.


General Tips

It really helps to not just focusing on killing things, but taking some time to destroy their weapons and decapitate them. Bother of these give you different kinds of crystals. I find decapitations are easier when I take out the legs first.

The camera setting where you controll each axis (it has a '2' in it) seems to make my wiimote get all decalibrated. I only use it or some missions, like the one with the big flying battleship, because it's hard to look away from otherwise.


Gosh I always forget that you dash with nunchuck movements.


Kinda in order of the order you'll find them.

You can check how many you have on the main screen (the one with the options like 'Mission', 'Craft Weapon' etc.) by pressing the + button.

Name Image Source Farming Notes
Yellow diamond General enemies

Blue snowflake Limb severing

Brown thing Destroying weapons

White snowflake Decapitation

Green swirls Wind enemies Sorcerers drop heaps

Red/purple orb Undead(?) enemies

Purple swirl Undead(?) enemies

Flamish Fire enemies Fire giants drop heaps

White star

Yellowish star


There's an incomplete translation (though, bizarrely, it's numbered as version 3.0) available which you can use to either patch an ISO of the game or use in an emulator. Here're some notes I've made for my own use:

There's also this playlist, where a not-obnoxious guy translates and subtitles as he plays through the game: I Wanna Play Zangeki no Reginleiv! (Wii)


  • Yes/Confirm is the red button, no/cancel is blue.

First screen

  1. Tutorial videos
  2. Single-player campaign
  3. Online (have to check if it works with Wiimmfi~)


(copied from GameFAQs guide)

Camera Type
Beginner automates vertical camera movement, and horizontal is done by moving the control stick left and right. One axis free allows you to move the camera left and right with your point, but vertical is still automated. Two free axes gives you complete control over the camera.
Camera Closeness
How close the third person camera is to your character. Can be right behind, middle distance, or far away.
Camera Movement Speed
Speed the camera moves when a turn on any axis is initiated. Ranges from .1 to 5, slowest to fastest.
Camera Change Range
Sets the box that defines where your cursor can move without changing the camera orientation. Small shrinks all borders by half, middle is halfway between small and full, large is the full screen, and larger than that makes it extend past the viewable screen.
Battle Camera Adjust
Sets time it takes to be able to move the camera after attacking, ranges from 0 to 5 in halfsteps, lower number being quicker change time.
B-button Hold
Turns on attack locking. When it's off, swinging the controller activates any swipe attacks. While on, you must be holding A or B to perform any swipe attacks. (same for thrusts)
Battle Camera Follow
Supposedly sets the camera to follow enemies you attack, but it's pretty unnoticable. Turns on or off.
Wii Motion Plus Sensitivity
Changes the pointer movement sensitivity when using WM+, ranges from .01 to 1.
Wii Motion Plus Calibrate
Recalibrates WM+, though it stays quite accurate.
Something about pictures Vibration level
Goes from 0 to 100.
Movie Skip
Skips cutscenes, on or off.
BGM/SE/Voice/Movie Volume
These four adjust the various volumes. 0 to 100
Pointer Assist
Attaches a link to menu items when selecting them, so you don't always have to hit the exact spot and not move off of them slightly. On or off.
Default Settings
Sets everything back to default.


See Also

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