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Jupiter's Picross series

A series of nonogames spread across Nintendo platforms. Many feature characters from the Mario series, though this aspect has been dropped for the DS iteration. Jupiter's Picross games just feel a bit nicer than other companies': the hammer and chisel pointers, and the crunchy way they mark the board, is not quite matched elsewhere.


  1. 1995 - Tamori's Picross
    Precursor to Mario's Super Picross, released as a series of broadcats for the Satellaview. Dumps of several are available.
  2. 1995 - Mario's Super Picross
    Maybe the best version of the game. Has since had its first western release on the PAL Virtual Console.
  3. 1996 - picross_2
    The second Game Boy version adds an unintrusive map, where players move between puzzles. Most puzzles are self-contained portions of larger puzzles: and it works!
  4. 1999 - Pokémon Picross
    Unreleased Game Boy Color game. Has since been leaked.
  5. 1999–2000 - Picross NP series
    A series of 8 nonogame compilations released via the Nintendo Power system. They feel squeakier than Mario's Super Picross, but feature a wider variety of Nintendo, and non-Nintendo, themes. Also some interesting multiplayer modes.
  6. 2007 - Picross DS
    DS version, where bigger puzzles include an unfortunate screen scrolling feature. Replaces the old-Nintendo Mario theme with the sterile new-Nintendo DS/Wii theme.
  7. 2013 - Pictlogica Final Fantasy
    Free-to-plat, Final Fantasy-themed game, with regular puzzles, character abilities, and actiony battles.
  8. 2013–16 - Picross e1)
  9. 2015 - pokemon_picross
    Overly drawn-out, free-to-play. You catch and equip 'mons which have different powers they can use to help you clear boards.
  10. 2013 - Pictlogica Final Fantasy ≒
    3DS version of pictlogica_final_fantasy, with a number of gameplay changes to fit a different revenue model.
  11. 2017 - picross_s
  12. 2018 - Kemono Friends Picross
  13. 2019 - Picross Lord Of The Nazarick


  1. 2009 - picross_3d_series
    Version where puzzles are built in a 3-D grid. Made for the DS by HAL. A sequel has since been released in Japan for the 3DS.

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