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General MIDI

Yamaha XG

Games with YXG soundtracks:

  • PC versions of Final Fantasy VII and VIII.


Setting up MIDI for music making.

I had these videos bookmarked, they're all by popular Youtubers:

Personally I use a Roland USB→MIDI cable to communicate between my computer and an 8-in/8-out MIDI router, and everything else goes into that router too. I find the MIDI Router such a hassle saver, you just tell it what signals to send where. You can get old ones like mine for $100 and less, or new fancy ones for much more if you really want. If you want to record audio on your computer get an audio interface in place of the Roland cable.


I'd thought VLC had dropped support for MIDI, but I've found it to be the easiest way to get hassle-free MIDI playback.

  1. Install VLC as usual
  2. Install a soundfont
  3. Point VLC to that soundfont via Tools > Preferences > Input/Codecs > Audio codecs > FluidSynth

Now you can play a MIDI file just like it's any other audio or video file :)

See Also

Media for General MIDI Enthusiasts


  • Hey Little Girl, Icehouse.
  • When I Spend My Time With You, Model-T.


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