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Quod Libet

I'm in the process of making Quod Libet my Music Player software, after using Foobar 2000 for ages. Maybe it's more accurate to say my music organiser, as I mostly play stuff with MPD. Thoguh maybe it's more accurate to say I don't really use it anymore and just use the included tagging program, Ex Falso


  • Auto playlists work like Foobar 2000, in that they're tied to the search function.
  • You have to jump into a separate window to edit tags (Alt+Enter), and this window doesn't change to hold whatever you've selected, but from there you can split-out Foobar's silly tag combinations.
    • This uses Ex Falso, which you can also use stand-alone.
  • You can add a column to display albumartist or artist with <albumartist|<albumartist>|<artist>>
    • NB That Quod Libet is anachronously labels what's more commonly the used as albumartist (TPE2) as performer. If you tag something albumartist it will store it somewhere other programs wont read usefully. Quod Libet isn't wrong per the standard, but it doesn't match with the de facto usage popularised by Apple and iTunes.
    • So <albumartist|<albumartist>|<performer>|<artist>> ??
  • Sometimes it's real slow loading songs.
  • You can use MPD clients to control QL from your phone or another computer:

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