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Not the water-based activity, the style of ambling round Internet where the waves take you.


World Wide Web

Web surfing.

  • Neocities is a free web host that has a nice page for browsing sites hosted there
  • Nekoweb is another free web host
  • StumblingOn sends you a random page from their directory.
  • The Tildeverse is a collection of publicly accessible computer systems, whose users typically publish their own web (and non-web) sites, and have community-building features like chat rooms and forums.
  • A Webring is a way to connect pages that are related in some way. They usually require the page to put a section that will link to other pages in the ring.
  • Web directories are curated listings of websites, often categorised.
  • Link pages are personal lists of websites on people's homepages.
  • You could try your luck with a Search Engine.



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