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title/link | software/method
description (usually aquote)
occasional note from me.

  • The Abandonware Ring | ?
    'The Abandonware Ring is a group of WWW sites that are devoted to distributing and supporting Abandonware. Abandonware Ring sites are known because they have one of our Abandonware Ring buttons on them.'
  • Armisael Webring | ?
    'Do you like lambda calculus? Monoids in the category of endofunctors? Avoiding JavaScript like the plague? Spending a sleepless night debugging display drivers? Encryption? Excessive amounts of parentheses? Letting the type cube consume your soul? Curling to sudo bash? Then you've come to the right place!'
  • CoolAndGood | ?
    'CoolAndGood is a subring for random sites, just like this one!'
  • The Funky Webring | ?
    'Anyone who has a website where the main goal is to share things they love, and looks funky as hell while doing it! '
  • geekring | ?
    'This is a webring for geeks of all sorts, except those who feel excluded by the use of the word geek. If you're a geek, this is for you.'
  • Hotline Webring | ?
    ' Now, in 2022 C.E., there are search engines and aggregators so finding related sites isn't that hard, and webrings have fallen by the wayside. We here at Hotline Webring traveled to the wayside, picked up The Concept of a Webring, dusted it off, and launched it to frankly astonishing acclaim.'
  • The HTML Hobbyist Webring | ?
    'The HTML Hobbyist Webring is a webring dedicated to the fine art of building hand-coded artisanal HTML websites, and teaching others how to build websites.'
    'This webring is for homepages of people who are interested in low tech, small game tools, and other forms of Web 1.0 inspired creativity.'
  • Model Citizens Webring | manual
    'Model Citizens Web Ring is a unique opportunity to grow your professional network, access spiritual truths, and, with the right attitude, dramatically increase your material standing.'
  • Netizens Ring | ?
    'This one, in particular is for personal/portfolio websites. Anyone with a non-commercial website is free to join.'
  • NewWeb | ?
    'NewWeb is a growing webring/directory that connects miscellaneous kinds of websites together. Anyone is allowed to join, as long as your page does not have anything illegal or horrible on it.'
  • TheOldNet WebRing | ?
    No signup limitations specified.
  • Nightwalk | onionring.js
    'This is an experimental webring that only appears for visitors between their local times of 12 midnight and 3 am.'
  • null webring | automatic
    'Yet another webring on neocities. Just a webring, as I haven't thought of more global idea behind it yet.'
  • Our Space | ?
    'Our Space is a webring of static sites created by the individual who runs it - personal, hand-crafted sites. They were more common during the early stages of the internet, but these pages still exist & have an important place on the internet - possibly more important than ever before.'
  • The retronaut webring | ?
    'Some of us miss the messy old days of the Internet where we tried to get along and we'd link to each other's sites and it was all so much fun.'
    Nothing to do with the podcast, I assume?
  • Retroweb Ring |
    'A webring for non-commercial personal pages be they static homepages or blogs or non-commercial directories that list the 1995 – 2005 style Web pages. No hate, no resumes, no third party advertising.'
  • | manual
    Webring for selectbutton posters. Was probably Neocities's first webring.
  • Webring | custom
    'This webring is an attempt to inspire artists & developers to build their websites and share traffic amongst each other. The ring welcomes hand-crafted wikis and portfolios.'
  • The Yesterweb Ring | ?
    'This webring is for anyone who is tired of how boring and same-y the internet is today. It's for anyone who is sick of seeing websites used purely to drive monetization, informative blogs that ask you to subscribe to see content.'

Host Your Own

There used to be webring hosts that streamlined things like webring maintenance and script hosting. Had a quick look, and these are the only one's I've found:

See Also

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