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2018/07/28 00:57 Arch Linux Installation nbjp If you have an existing /home + user, when you create a new user, take notes of the -m and -M flags for useradd. You don't want… ,
2017/10/08 11:22 Frozen Synapse Level editor By typing LevelEditor(); into the console (activated with the ` key) you can open the level editor. Otherwise you can access it … ,
2018/07/28 00:49 HP Scanjet 4100C An old scanner I'd feel guilty throwing away :) The colours aren't great, it's a bit sensitive to pressure on the bed, but I'm used to it. … ,
2018/05/27 07:21 Kentucky Route Zero Technical Save game location The Linux version puts its save games in a bit of a Windowsy spot: ~/Documents/KentuckyRouteZero You can fix…
2018/10/14 08:00 QNAP TS-231P Hardware Part Name Notes CPU AnnapurnaLabs, Alpine AL-212, 2-core, 1.7GHz No Linux kernal support Backup For Windows (and Mac?) it's pr… , ,
2018/07/28 00:57 Rofi Plug-ins Greenclip erebe/greenclip Greenclip is a plug-in that gives you a list of things previously added to the clipboard, letting you go back throug… ,
2018/10/13 20:23 RSS RSS Readers Aggregating * gbierman/RSSMerge * simplepie/simplepie/ * huginn/huginn Websites that don't support RSS I assume to encourage you to m…
2018/07/28 00:48 Thinkpad E530 Linux notes Fan Doesn't work without thinkfan <> Video Bumbleb…