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Rocket League


  • 1977 - Car Polo - Four player, top-view, car soccer by Exidy
  • 1989 - Moto Roader - The 'omake' section contains a car football mode across a variety of pitch layouts.
  • 1994 - Street Racer - Eight player, Mode 7 football.
  • 1999 - Monster Truck Madness 64 - Includes football and ice-hockey game modes.
  • 2000 - Excite Bike 64 - Features a soccer mode (and it's also ace) for 2–4 players.
  • 2008 - GTI Club: Supermini Festa! - Has a football mode that I don't like at all! Both 1v1 and 2v2. I don't think it was in earlier entries in the series (from the year 2000), but I can't get a definitive answer.
  • 2013 - SuperTuxKart - Added a soccer mode in version 0.8.1 (2013).
  • 2014 - World of Tanks - Version 9.1 introduced a soccer mode to commemorate the 2014 world cup. Players can shoot each other as normal.
  • 2014 - Soccer Rally - Series of smart phone games.



I use an official, wired, XBox 360 controller. So A=south, B-east, X=west, Y=north.

I've tried a Switch Pro Controller, but no analogue triggers, and doing diagonal flips, both felt weird; and a PowerA 360 controller, but the stick felt like it wasn't as sensitive to small movements.

Anyway, this's how I currently map my buttons.

Left stick Steer
Right stick Move camera
A Boost
B Scoreboard
X Jump
Y Camera toggle
LB Powerslide / Air roll left
LT Drive backwards
RB Air roll right
RT Drive forward

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Controller Troubles

Suddenly my Xbox 360 controller stopped working in September 2019. To fix it I followed these instructions and went into Big Picture mode, then Settings > Controller settings, and unchecked all the options there. Didn't need to restart Steam either.

Since then re-enabling the XBox 360 controller option has started working, though I'm not getting any force-feedback (in this particular game only)

Later some force-feedback worked, but mostly UI rather than in-game stuff :/

And in June 2020 the controller stopped working again~ so back to step one.


There's a popular mod called Bakkes Mod, which allows for loading plug-ins which enable all sort of changes: custom levels, fancier training packs, UI additions, etc. I haven't tried it, but found some links indicating it works in Wine too.

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General Vehicle

  • Tim Carhill
  • Daniel Carzani
  • Frank Carina
  • Sam Karr
  • Chloe Locarzo
  • Claudia Car Van
  • Awer Automabil
  • Carang Vehikuol

Car-specific Ones

  • Merco Bresciano
  • Merc Viduka

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