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I run one PmWiki, just because someone else set it up. So I haven't dug too much into it, but the more I do, the more I like it. It's pretty scrappy, but very customisable. I guess similar reasons to why I like Textpattern, but maybe even more-so.

I dunno, here're a bunch of links:



There are a bunch of skins on the wiki, but to make the choice easier you may as well skip to the 'responsive web design' category:

Felix Pleşoianu has some tidy ones on this page:


PmWiki syntax is pretty standard, but there are some nice features:

  • Letters connected to a link get included [[chip]]s display 'chips', and links to 'chip'. In DokuWiki you have to [[chip|chips]]
  • You can also easily exclude parts with brackets: [[(hot) chips]] displays 'chips' and links to 'hot_chips'. In DokuWiki you have to [[hot_chips|chips]]


preg_replace with /e modifier deprecated

Ran into some trouble with an old install and found a bunch of preg_replace with /e modifier deprecated in my error_log.

Debugging info here: was useful.

  1. Uncomment line $EnableDiag = 1; in local/config(.php)
  2. Go to [wikiaddress][wikistartpage]?action=ruleset
  3. Look for any lines with a file path and line number afterwards. They're easy to spot.
  4. Fix, update, or remove whatever's causing the trouble. For me it was just an old skin.

See Also

See Also

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