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HP Scanjet 4100C

scanjet-4100c.jpg An old scanner I'd feel guilty throwing away :)

The colours aren't great, it's a bit sensitive to pressure on the bed, but I'm used to it.

Not supported in Windows since Windows 7, but works fine if you use Vuescan.

In Arch Linux it just worked with the command-line tool SANE as long as I specified the device. You can check this with scanimage -L

For me the command is:

scanimage --device "hp:libusb:001:002" --mode Color --format=png > scan.png

to scan in colour. I've made some bash scripts to easily scan in colour or greyscale. Could do the same with aliases too. Better yet would be one that checks the device and puts that into the command. The numbers will change depending o nwhich USB port it's plugged in to.

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