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2020/04/26 03:55 3DS Notes on 3DS games. [demo] after a game's title indicates the opinions are based only on the eShop-downloadable demo. 3D Galaxy Force II 3D OutRun … , , ,
2017/11/07 21:44 Android Notes on Android games. Pocket Camp also on: iOS Kinda a distilling of Animal Crossing down to it's least interesting elements, but probably fine i… , , ,
2020/07/21 13:11 CHAI My Fave Songs Title Album Year Comment ほれちゃった PINK 2017 Gyoza love song :) Video. N.E.O. `` 2017 Video. アイム・ミー わがまマニア PUNK 2018 My fave.… , , , ,
2020/06/23 05:08 DokuWiki Customising Interwiki Links Customising the shortcuts and icons for interwiki links involves three steps: * Add the shortcut and syntax to conf/i… ,
2020/06/23 03:34 Earth Scorchers Earth Scorchers---AKA: Artillery Games, AKA: Assault By Battery---are Scorched Earth like games, IE: generally turn-based games where players m… , , ,
2020/03/29 23:48 Gamecube Notes on Nintendo Gamecube games. Notes 1080° Avalanche Feels like it's missing something, compared to the N64 game. Beyond Good and Evil Peop… , ,
2020/05/11 04:14 Glorious Trainwrecks Recommended Games Started trying to make a list of five games for the Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles exhibition, and ended up with to…
2020/03/29 22:51 Linux Notes about games available on Linux. Note that lots of other games are easy to run on Linux with WINE and Steam Play :-) On the windows recs. page I in… , ,
2019/09/21 08:42 Multiplayer Local BANG BANG BANG! on: Linux, Mac, Win Quick bursts of mind-games. Each stage is a grid, you pay by moving between points and being quickest … , , ,
2017/10/08 11:18 Nintendo 64 Notes on N64 games. 1080° Snowboarding also on: Wii Works really well if you turn off the music and enjoy the sounds of the snow and wind. The f… , , ,
2019/10/11 05:32 Nonogames Picross, nonograms, griddlers(apparantly) etc. Nonogames are videogames based on Nonograms: logic based puzzles where the goal is to reveal an image… , , , , , , , ,
2018/11/26 03:14 Notes Notes on games. Recommendations. Stuff like that. Personal version of the very useful SB Recommends Games, with some extra negativity ;> ---------- Org…
2017/11/12 23:29 PlayStation 2 Notes on PS2 games. Notes The Bouncer A briskly-paced, story-based brawler. You get different perspective son the narrative depending on whix… , , , ,
2019/08/01 02:39 Railshooter I draw a distinction here between railshooters (where the player is visible) and light-gun shooters (Only a targeting reticule is visible, played w… , ,
2018/07/28 00:57 Subtitle Editor Software for composing and editing subtitles and captions for videos. Notes Aegisub Seems full-featured, thoguh default text-size seems very…
2020/08/01 05:37 Switch Notes on Nintendo Switch games. [demo] after a game's title indicates the opinions are based only on the eShop-downloadable demo. Notes Animal Crossi… ,
2020/06/01 06:47 Useful Programs Programs I find useful. Mostly just ones I think I might forget, or that seem slightly obscure. I don't use Windows anymore, but I'll leave th… ,
2019/02/26 09:50 Wii Notes on Nintendo Wii games. Notes Let's Go To The City , , ,
2020/05/10 03:07 Windows Notes about games available on Windows, with notes on how they work on Linux via WINE. If games have a native Linux port they'll be on the Linux recs. … , , , ,
2020/07/17 09:54 中森明菜 (Akina Nakamori) My Fave Songs Probably some missing details in here, just going through my J-Pop faves playlist :) Title Album Year Comment 饰りじゃないの… , ,