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Notes on Android Games

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also on: iOS
Kinda a distilling of Animal Crossing down to it's least interesting elements, but probably fine if you just want a cute thing to poke at on the tram.
Pretty fun basic tactics game. Basic aim is to grab territory and defend yours, and manage finances. Open-source and available on Github and F-Droid.
Battle Champs / リトルノア (Little Noah) JP also on: iOS
Probably fun for a month or two.
Has some big names (Akihiko Yoshida, Hitoshi Sakimoto) working on it. But it's mostly a Clash of Clans clone with some extra stuff like single-player, apparently? So you have a base you build up with defenses, and otherwise you can attack other peoples' or NPCs bases.
Bullet Hell Monday ?
Uses old Google Play. Doesn't seem to start after the first time. Can't run offline. Dunno about those permissions
CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars also on: iOS
You make a little car, you attach whatever weapons, then send it into fights with others. Like a 2-D Robot Wars, where you don't actually control your machine, I guess.
Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada also on: iOS
I've been enjoying most of Dandy Dungeon but the plot is icky as fuck. It's one of those draw a path through the board over every square, but there and monsters and treasures and things.
Enchanted Fortress
Simple game of defense.
Fire Emblem Heroes also on: iOS
Frozen Synapse also on: iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows
Tight, turn-based tactical game. Really great as a play-it-when-you're ready asynchronous multi thing, with lots of options for your you people, and for simulating the behaviours of your opponents'.
Hidden My Game By Mom also on: iOS
Has SUPER OBNOXIOUS ads. that take over the game, so you have to close it and open it again to continue.
Luxuria Superbia also on: iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows
Great use of the phone's size and touch screen! You touch the screen in different ways to help bring the program to orgasm. You have to pay attention and respond to how it's reacting to you touch. Really neat.
Nemo Picross
Probably the best of the Android nonogames. Nicks a bit from Picross DS, and is about as good as you can expect a free phone game without a stylus or D-pad to be.
Free, Android rip-off of HAL's picross_3d. Works pretty well! You can't drag to select blocks, but there are shortcuts to 'shield' and destroy whole rows. Block notation is actually clearer.
Piczle Lines: DX
Pretty mindless puzzle game, but alright. Feels kinda nice to draw the wormy lines. Seems to use some old version of Google Play that needs Google+. Also seems to have slowdown?
Ramble Planet
It's the only sudoku game in F-Droid that doesn't crash on my tablet.
Tap Wars Earth Defense Force 4.1 also on: iOS
Idle game.
TNNS also on: iOS
Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak also on: iOS
Really fiddly.
Void Pyramid also on: Linux, OSX, Windows
By Andi Hagan (Ramble Planet). Really neat adventure / RPG thing.
Voyage to Farland also on: Linux, OSX, Windows
(very) Mystery Dungeon-like. Definitely feels a bit rough, but does a good job of scratching that itch.
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