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Notes on Gamecube Games

1080° Avalanche
Feels like it's missing something, compared to the N64 game.
Beyond Good and Evil
Peopel really liek to talk this up as an underappreciated gem, but I found it pretty bland.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
It's a wonderful, gorgeous, rhythmic, score attacking platformer. Perhaps Sonic, or Nights like, in a sense.
Donkey Konga
The second and third Japanese versions are amongst my favourite Gamecube things. There's something about clapping that makes these games a lot of fun (and it's because of that that I much prefer them to Namco's Taiko series). But, yeah, avoid the awful NA and PAL versions. Number 3 has lots of ace Namco and Nintendo Famicom game music to play along with.
And it should be noted: the Japanese versions won't save with the Freeloader, you'll need a modded, or a Japanese, console
Doshin The Giant also on: 64DD
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
F-Zero GX
Gotcha Force
A neat, collecty, Virtual On x Power Stone thing. Graphics are really tidy, and Dreamcast-esque. Lots of different 'Borgs' to find, with a variety of movesets.
Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star Soldier
Even better than the original. A must-buy.
Hudson Selection Vol. 3: Bonk's Adventure
Just as dull as the rest of the Bonk series :3
Ikaruga also on: everything
Killer7 also on: PS2
Kururin Squash!
More Kururin! Mostly more of the same if you've played the GBA games, but the graphics and presentation are nice, as is being able to use an analogue stick. I guess my Memory's a bit hazy on the actual differences— um— there are bosses, and it interfaces with Kururin Paradise to some effect.
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
I sort of enjoyed playing through it solo, it feels like an arcadeish, puzzley thing—much better than Crystal Chronicles in that aspect—but can't disagree that it is significantly better with a gang of chums, even just one.
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
I was pretty enthusiastic about this before I went back and played the PlayStation version. But the GameCube/MGS2 additions, like first-person aiming and ledge jumping, really mess round with the difficulty and pacing (though they can be fun when speed running and goofing). Also there are no VR Missions, which are the best bit of the original. The graphics are— odd. But the former 3-D animator in me appreciates some of the attention in the surfacing.
Metroid Prime also on: Wii
Mr. Driller: Drill Land coming to: Switch
P.N. 03
Brilliant game. Something like a vertical shooter (maybe even Space Invaders, but played from a third-person action game perspective.
Super Monkey Ball
Oh gosh. This is terrific. The best kind of tough. You should not leave a shop / log out of eBay after buying a Gamecube without also buying this. And it never got better than the first game.

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