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Software I Want

All-In-One P2P Client

Software to search and swap files over multiple protocols/networks.

Closest I've found is:

I'd like support for:

Document Browser

I would really like web browsers to function better as general document browsers, so people could share stuff in formats beyond HTML, TXT, PDF.

Other formats I'm into:

  • Dat - P2P protocol.
  • Gopher - Long-surviving, light, text-based document protocol.
  • Gemini - Secure, light, document protocol.
  • LaTeX - Document markup syntax. Page-focused.
  • Markdown - Document markup syntax. Not so much into it, it's just super popular.

I'd also love javascript to not be supported, so you run a dedicated Application Browser to use that kinda stuff.

Just found this via the Gemini mailing list archives: MasterQ32/kristall. Kristall supports:

  • Finger
  • Gemini
  • Gopher
  • And a bunch of different file kinds, both text and other media.

E-Mail and Calendar

The trend seems to be towards amalgamation of E-mail, calendar, address book, and tasks applications, but I would much prefer to have;

  • One client for E-mail and contacts, with carddav support.
  • One client for calendars and tasks, with caldav support.

I assume the combination makes sense in an office environment, but for me, a person who doesn't really have E-mail integrated into their work, they are very separate, with no benefit to having them together.

E-Mail and Address Book

I've really struggling to find an E-mail client that features—

  • HTML message support (so that rules out CLI clients).
  • carddav (to sync my contacts with my phone and other computers).

—but doesn't include tasks, calendars, etc.

I just want to looks at my E-mail a few times a week, and have my tasks and calendar always open. I've used Thunderbird a lot, and this year switch to Evolution as a work-round for some carddav troubles with TB, but I really don't like Gnome stuff. Oh great, and now it won't render E-mails at all :/

Update: Went back to Thunderbird after finding a solution to my address book problems, and noticed that the Lightning calendar side of things is still an add-on, and can be disabled and even removed. So Thunderbird suits me very well now!

Calendar and Tasks

Investigating the calendar side of things now. Initially it seemed really promising, but for people allergic to Gnome and KDE it's actually a bit bleak. There are a bunch of different solutions out there, but finding one with CalDAV support has been tough.

There are also lots of tools for managing tasks that are combined with note-taking, but not calendars, which doesn't suit me at all!

Most promising seems to be Task Warrior. It's really feature-rich, based, and works with it's own format. But there's BlackEdder/caldavwarrior which might solve things? Will probably just Thunderbird-it for now and try things out another time. Wasted enough time on this for now!

See Also

PDF Organiser

Easily view and organise documents.

See: PDF Catalogue (Working Title)

Software for organising, sorting, and viewing digital documents. Born out of frustration using Calibre—wanting something more like Foobar 2000 and other music library organisers+players.
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