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Archi Steam Farm

Archi Steam Farm (ASF) is a program for automatically farming Steam trading cards, like Idle Master. But it works a lot better, and has some other really ace features, like 'ASF allows you to automate going through discovery queue and voting in Steam Awards during Steam sale'!

The only disadvantage seems to be that you can't use ASF which also playing a game in Steam, unlike Idle Master.


For whatever reason the setup for this always seemed scary, but it was actually much less of a pain than the Linux version of Idle Master!

Process was basically: grab from the AUR, run the web config (I didn't enter my password, just username) and output the .json file, put it in /usr/lib/asf/config, run asf, enter password and 2FA.

There's a good guide on their Github wiki: JustArchi/ArchiSteamFarm/wiki/Configuration

※ I didn't need to use the advanced settings except for one thing I overlooked: setting me as 'offline' on Steam when farming. You can just add it to your [botname].json with:

"FarmOffline": true

If you want to keep your configuration files somewhere more sensible (say ~/.config/asf) you can specify the config path when launching with: asf --path /home/[user]/.config/asf, for example.

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