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Single-Screen Racers

A Single-screen Racer is a subcategory of the racing game family, whose games' tracks are entirely visible (excluding sections under bridges/flyovers. In other words: their cameras are fixed. Typically 2-D and featuring a birds-eye, 3/4, or axonometric perspective; though sometimes included in 3-D as bonus games, or modes.


American Speedway Badlands Battle Cross BMX Simulator
Championship Sprint
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Escape Kids Fisco 400 Formula K
Generally Go-Kart Racing 1) Gran Trak 10 Gran Trak 20
Grudge Match Indy 500 Indy 500 XE Indy 800
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Jeff & Barry Racing 2) Le Mans Micro Sprint
Moto Roader PixelJunkRacers Race Ace 3) Racing Line 4)
Redline Racer Rough Racer Slicks 'n' Slide Spin Out
Sprint 1/2/4/8 Sprint Master Street Racer Super Speed
Super Sprint
Top Ride 5) Turbo Toons Twin Racer untitled bonus game 6)
Wheels Runner

Still to add

  • Driift Mania (WiiWare)

Flick-screen Racers

Wherein each screen is separate, but play continues by moving to the next, rather than making laps.

Odd cousins

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