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ទទាយំឆ្លង (Crying Bird)

ទទាយំឆ្លង is a very beautiful song I first heard on a forum, via the compilation Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop music Vol. 1. I can't find a translation of the title I trust. On that CD they use 'the birds are singing, but my lover won't return', but I have no idea how they got that from a few characters. It's a nice description though :) Also saw it translated as 'crying partridge'.



via: KmQBVbUREFk - see description.

tor tear yum chlong troyorng bong euy yum chlauy
songsa oun euy, plich oun heuy rir nov?

tuk ho kat ksach, jet oun min dach pi prous pov
spean gaw bak, tuk gaw jrov twer mdich baan tov joub ku songsa


via: w_3tfrR2UCM&lc=UgxP1XZnrE07vdhChWd4AaABAg

The partridge is singing, and the giant ibis is singing back.
My beloved boyfriend, have you forgotten me?

The water flowed over the sand, but I can’t get over you.
The bridge is broken, the water is also deep. How can I get to you?


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