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Rxvt Unicode is currently my preferred terminal emulator. I was using xterm for a bit (kinda just prefer to use plain X and GNU things if they do the job fine), but it annoyed me that it wouldn't resize the content of the window when the window resized.


  • Ctrl+Alt+c to copy
  • Ctrl+Alt+v to paste


I configure Urxvt in my xresources file (mine's in .config, but the default location is in your home folder).

URxvt*scrollBar:            false
URxvt.internalBorder:       10
URxvt.highlightColor:       #fce94f
URxvt.highlightTextColor:   #0076a3
URxvt*font:                 xft:input:mono:size=10
  URxvt.letterSpace:        -3
URxvt.keysym.Shift-Up:      command:\033]720;1\007
URxvt.keysym.Shift-Down:    command:\033]721;1\007

Nothing too exciting in my config., but the last two commands let you use Shift+Up/Down to scroll line-by-line.


I use an extension that makes URLs into clickable links that will launch in my browser. Very handy for Weechat. You can use the same extension (matcher) to match any kind of text, actually. Need to set it up for Gopher and things too :3

It's configured with these lines in my Xresources files

URxvt.perl-ext:         default,matcher
URxvt.colorUL:          #46a4ff
URxvt.matcher.button:   1
URxvt.matcher.rend.0:   Uline Bold fg8 bg1
URxvt.url-launcher:     /usr/bin/firefox

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