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  • You can can copy files over with scp.
    scp [file path] [user]@[host]:[destination path]
  • You can also use wget to download things from the WWW. Leave the '-O [destination path]' out to just download to the current folder.
    wget -O [destination path] "[file path]"



Best bet with IRC is to use something like Screen or Tmux so you can still access the chat when you're not logged in.

So first thing is to start Screen and Weechat:

screen chat

You may also want to set the timezone to match your local time, rather than the server's time. you can use the 'TZ' environment variable for that:

TZ='Australia/Melbourne' screen chat

Once you're in sign into the channels you want, then press Ctrl+a then d to 'detach'. (Typing screen -r will reattach, screen -ls will list all sessions).


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