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Pokémon Shuffle

Game's not that interesting, just making a few notes.

You can cut-out some of the fluff by using a savegame editor to level up mons you've caught and max your money and hearts. Money goes quick though, later on.


Grinding in a puzzle game is bogus, but—


Apart from the weekly Meowth special stage the only good one is

  • Stage 37, Meowth

It doesn't seem so great initially, but the trick is to be strategic with how you make matches so that you move the coins over to the right edge. Five will appear in total including the three at the start. The amount of bonus coins you get from matching them increases exponentially the more coins you match (match three coins = 100, four = 300, five = 500), so shoot for a four or even five coin match.


Excluding special stages like Victini and Eevee.

  • Stage 115, Blissey
  • Stage 130, Ampharos
  • Stage EX3, Lucario


Helpful notes on passing challenges

Clear 100 Coins

  • Do on Meowth stages that appear on weekends
  • Team Mega Mew Two Y|Mew two|Gengar|? and mons with Quirky.
  • Buy both items (+5 moves and Mega Start)

Erase 50 Rocks

  • Good luck!
  • Leave one slot empty, and bring mons with Rockify (Rockruff, Geodude [Alola], Graveler)1). And of course Aerodactle to wipe out the rocks.
    • Alternate strategy is to use lots of mons with Prank and hope it speeds up rock spawning.
Rockruff and Geodude are found in the Safari mode, Graveler in stage 415
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