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LBRY is a protocol (like HTTP, FTP) for transferring data using blockchain. A super useful advantage it has over a comparable P2P thing like torrents is that it allows for streaming video (and audio I assume?)

You can find my videos at

  • lbry://@ryliejamesthomas

I will probably make another account for Game Making Tools too.


Arch Linux

The page has guides for setting up on OSX, Windows and Ubuntu, so here're some notes on getting it going on Arch.


Ubuntu package Arch equivilant
libgmp3-dev libgmp
build-essential base-devel (?)
python2.7 python2
python2.7-dev python2
python-pip same
git same
python-virtualenv python-virtualenv
libssl-dev openssl
libffi-dev libffi

The only other little tweak I had to do was make sure the virtual environment I setup was using Python 2 instead of 3 with

virtualenv -p python2 lbry-venv

The lbry-app is availible in the AUR: lbry-app-bin


Deleting Items

You can't currently delete items via the GUI, but you can fairly easily do it via the command line.

First you need make sure the LBRY daemon is running. Easily done by just launchign the program.

Then you nned to get the ID of the item you want to remove

lbrynet-cli claim_list_mine

Then use claim_abandon to remove the item and refund your LBC credits

lbrynet-cli claim_abandon claim_id=[id]
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