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HMV Music Centre 45254

Got this for $10 at an op-shop decades ago. Seen a bunch of them on Gumtree.

Turntable, tape player/recorder, radio and amp. all-in-one. Originally seems to have come as a set with two speakers. Apparently quadraphonic. Has screw connections for rear speakers, and mine came with a quadraphonic-capable (shibata) stylus.

Belt driven. No fine speed adjustment. Just 33 and 45 RPM. Mine plays a bit slow. Subplatter diameter is 205mm.

Not sure if the cartridge is the original supplied, and there is no serial number on it.

The stylus I have is an early ATS12S, I believe. New ones are $170 or so :|
Going by this page stylus is category A (ATS10,11,12).
According to this page can be replaced with any VMN model stylus.

Went to fit a Nagaoka cartridge to it, but it doesn't fit on the headshell I have, because the finger lift is screwed onto the side, and an earth wire is soldered onto that. Would probably just fit if the lift was removed.

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