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Useful Programs

Programs I find useful. Mostly just ones I think I might forget, or that seem slightly obscure.

I don't use Windows anymore, but I'll leave this stuff here 'cause maybe someone'll still find it useful.

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※ I don't use Windows anymore, so don't care too much about keeping that info. up to date. Sorry!

Use Name Downloads Note
Accessibility find-cursor n/a Replicates the accessibility feature in Windows where you can press Ctrl to spawn some contracting concentric circles to show you where your mouse cursor is.
Bootdisk USBWriter ? Win7 Simple, used for Antergos Linux
Universal USB Installer ? Win7 More option, inc. storage partition
Download Management Megatools AUR ? Command-line tools for working with, either with or without an account.
youtube-dl Arch ? CLI tools for grabbing video and audio from Youtube (and some other places, apparently). Notes.
DVD authoring DVD Flick ? Win7 Create and burn DVD-video discs.
ConvertXDVD Use to create Video_TS (etc.) folders
DVD ripping MeGUI ? Win7 Useful part of workflow when making DVD rips (for KG, etc.)
File management FastCopy Lin Win7 Copies files faster, with more options. Not sure how useful it is on Linux, but there's a port for it and OSX called RapidCopy.
Mediacoder ? Win7 Info. on video files
Pandora Recovery n/a Win7 Super useful program for re-getting deleted items
QTTabBar n/a Win7 Adds tabs (and other stuff I don't care about) to Windows Explorer.
Space Sniffer ? Win7 Visualises HD usage, so you can see what's hogging the most space.\\Alternatives include Spacemonger and WinDirStat.
Game stuff Ice ? Win7 Put ROMs in Steam
Get images from:
Idle Master AUR Win7 Collects Steam cards without having to open the game. See Idle master.
ArchiSteamFarm AUR Win7 Collects Steam cards without having to open the game. See Archi Steam Farm.
Lutris AUR n/a Combined library for Steam, emulators, Wine, etc.
Hardware CPU-Z n/a Win7 GUI program to get info. on computer's hardware. RAM configuration, type, etc.
CPU-X AUR n/a Open-source clone of CPU-Z
Launcher Albert AUR n/a Nice program / file / web launcher for linux.
Easy to theme, unlike the otherwise good Synapse.
Rofi Arch n/a Flexible launcher for i3wm
Music Foobar 2000 AUR Win7 Perfect software for organising and playing music. See Foobar 2000 :)
mps-youtube Arch ? Stream Youtube audio from the terminal.
OH&S f.lux AUR Win7 Changes screen tone and brightness at different times of day.
Organisation Rainlendar AUR Win7 Is on AUR, not on Chocolatey. Easy to share a calendar between OSes
Pro version syncs with Google Cal., CalDAV, etc.
FreeMind Arch Win7 Mind-mapping tool.
P2P SoulseekQT AUR Mostly used for music sharing. I much prefer it to the alternate Nicotine+ client
Package Management Chocolatey n/a Win7 Windows package manager!! Not perfect, and a little slow, but much better than nothing!
Yay AUR n/a Gosh AUR helpers keep disappearing. But this one's doing a good job of replacing the now maintained pacaur.
Trizen AUR n/a I've switched from Yay to Trizen, but they're both pretty equally fine and I can't remember why I changed~
Screenshots ShareX n/a Win7 Can set it up so 'printscreens' are dumped strait to the desktop :)
Security KeePassXC Arch Win7 Encrypted, locally hosted, password manager.
Switch to this from some other version of KP 'cause I needed TOTP without a phone.
Timed Shutdown Sleep Timer AUR Win7 Simple program for scheduling computer shutdown, hibernation etc.
Windows customisation Library Icon Changer n/a Win7
Resource Hacker
Ultimate Windows Hacker Privacy stuff to for Win10

Firefox Stuffs

Use Add-on / Extension Note
Appearance Simple White Compact Square, white, compact, tidy (discontinued?)
Stylus Use custom CSS on websites. Previously I used Stylish, but apparantly that got nasty. Easy to replace and old Stylish setup—uses the same format.
Privacy, security Cookie AutoDelete Dictate cookie lifespan
UBlock Origin Ad blocker
Form History Control Manage stored form data
NoScript Blocks JS
Password Exporter For moving my passwords from Firefox to KeePass
Request Policy Control cross-website access (rad).
Canvas Defender Protects against HTML5 canvas fingerprinting.
Productivity Feedbro Oftputtingly-named, in-browser feed reader
Tab Groups Restores tab grouping feature
Tile Tabs Super-useful tab splitting. Seems to no longer work?
Steam Super Steam Use Enhanced Steam in not-Firefox
Protocols OverbiteWX Redirects Gopher links to the Floodgap proxy :) In the future is supposed to render them on its own!
Whoops Lazarus: Form Recovery
Youtube Video Blocker Block entire Youtube channels!! But is busted last time I checked.
Content Unpaywall Find non-paywall versions of paywalled academic documents


Use Add-on / Extension Note
Account management StartupMaster A fix for multiple master password prompts on startup.



Use Name Downloads Note
Calendar Calendar F-Droid ? Straight-forward calendar that you can either run offline or synced.
DAVDroid F-Droid ? Tool for syncing with CalDAV calendars (for example if you're hosting your own).
ICSdroid F-Droid ? Used for incorporating webcal, which DAVDroid doesn't handle.
Notes ColorNote ? G.Play Simple note taking software with a decent widget.
Drawing Tux Paint F-Droid ? Fun drawing program!
Media Yatse Kodi remote
PhotoScan Easy photo capture that works really well
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Guide Keep track of Animal Crossing stuffs
Social Tusky Seems to be the best of the two single-account Mastodon apps.
Subway Tooter Best Masto app. if you need to use multiple accounts. Very customisable.

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