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DuckDuckGo (DDG) has become my favourite search engine. The primary reason I switched was because it isn't a Google nor other big tech jerk thing, and that it doesn't do any tracking or data hoarding.

There are pleanty of other neat things too: The search results are good, you can easily use it to search Open Street Map, the bang searches and other handy shortcuts like easy currency conversion, maths, etc.


One of the features I use the most in DDG are the bangs. These are shortcuts you can use to search a lot of different websites (see:

To use you just type an exclamation mark followed by the abbreviation, then a space, then your search term.

Here're the ones I use most often:

!arch Arch Linux Wiki
!aur The Arch User Repository package database
!discogs Discogs
!ia Internet Archive
!itad IsThereAnyDeal (videogame sale history)
!lb Letterboxd
!man Linux manuals (AKA: man pages)
!moby Mobygames
!sice staticICE (Australian PC parts price comparison)
!trove Trove (Australian libraries search)
!w Wikipedia
!wayback Wayback Machine
!wfw Warframe Wiki
!yt Youtube
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