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   * ''/​usr/​share/​wine/​fonts''​ (wine-specific)   * ''/​usr/​share/​wine/​fonts''​ (wine-specific)
   * ''​~/​local/​.fonts''​ (user-specific fonts)   * ''​~/​local/​.fonts''​ (user-specific fonts)
-  * ''​C:​\Windows\Fonts''​ within your Wine system. Actually somehwere in ''​~/​.wine/​...''​+  * ''​C:​\Windows\Fonts''​ within your Wine system. Actually somehwere in ''​~/​.wine/​...'' ​by default 
 +==== Default Prefix ==== 
 +The default prefix/​bottle/​what-have-you is located at ''​~/​.wine''​. [[software_that_doesnt_support_xdg|If you don't like things cluttering your home directory]] you can change this with an environment variable: 
 +Put, say, ''​export WINEPREFIX=~/​.local/​share/​wine/​prefix/​default''​ in your ''​.bashrc''​ file.
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-  * [[wp>Wine_(software)]]+  * [[wp>Wine (software)]]
 {{tag>​fixes}} {{tag>​fixes}}
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