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QOwnNotes (QON) is a program for organising and syncing 'notes' / text files. By default it uses Markdown, but you can use plain ol' TXT files too. It can convert them to PDF and HTML (but the markup is a bit ugmo). It has built-in support for syncing to OwnCloud and NextCloud. You can pretty easily extend it's functionality with scripting. Styling the HTML previews is a pain!

I use it a lot!, and sync stuff between computers and my phone with Syncthing.


Linking to other notes

You can link to other notes by using note:// within a regular Markdown link, for example [link-text](note://note-you're-linking-to). You don't have to specify the folder it's in, if it's in one.

More recently the syntax <My> / [Text](My | <My subfolder/My> / [Text](My subfolder/My has been added.


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