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 +====== Pidgin ======
 +{{ :​media:​images:​pidgin_logo.png}}
 +**Pidgin** is a tool for using lots of different communication protocols, like [[XMPP]], [[IRC]], [[ICQ]], and even lots of closed ones via plug-ins ([[Steam]], [[Discord]],​ [[Facebook]],​ [[Mattermost]]…)
 +===== Checking Spelling =====
 +To add more dictionaries to the spellchecker ([[gtkspell]]) you gotta search for [[hunspell]] packages.
 +In [[arch_linux|Arch]] these look like ''​hunspell-en_AU''​. They are spread throughout ''​extra'',​ ''​community'',​ and the [[arch_linux#​Arch User Repository|]].
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