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 ===== Usage ===== ===== Usage =====
 +I'll leave out the basics like ''​-Syu'',​ ''​-S'',​ ''​-Ss''​ and ''​-Rsn''​((But hey, in case you didn't know what the ''​s''​ and ''​n''​ are doing there: ''​s''​ include deps. not needed by anything else, ''​n''​ also ditch config. files (but not the ones in your home directory)));​ here'​re some ones I don't use as much / forget, but are real useful.
 +-S [group name]-{[name1],​name2],​[etc]}
 +''​-Qo [/​path/​to/​file_name]''​
 +''​Q''​ does stuff on installed packages, you can replace with ''​F''​ to do the same actions on stuff you haven'​t installed.
 +I also have an alias for my helper, so I type ''​pact -[flags]''​ to do stuff.
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