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 +====== OwnCloud ======
 +**OwnCloud** is an open-source alternative to 'cloud' storage things like [[DropBox]], as well as web-app things like calendars and addressbooks, and even Google Docs. It's probably best to go with the //completely// free alternative called [[NextCloud]], but that's not availible on my NAS :|
 +===== Add-ons =====
 +==== Calendar ====
 +Using **[[CalDAV]]** on Android things sync just fine with the link procided in ownCloud.
 +But with **[[Thunderbird#Lightning]]** you need to go through all the different calendars and get individual links. A bit of a pain!
 +==== Contacts ====
 +Having trouble importing contacts from one ownCloud to NextCloud. This guy seems to have a solution down the bottom of this thread, just renaming some things:
 +==== QNAP ====
 +QNAP NASes don't seem to like installing add-ons through ownCloud >:| The probablem being that the version is stuck on **8**-something, whereas the current OwnCloud version is **10**-something! Both the deleted methods below didn't actually work.
 +Options are:
 +  * Use old versions of the add-ons found here: [[git>owncloudarchive]] (insecure)
 +  * Use 3rd-party repo [[|qnapclub]] (''''), which had up-t%%o-%%date versions of NextCloud and ownCloud. Not sure how to get SSL set-up for them yet. Nor can I find the NextCloud directory after it installed, even thoug hit works. MYSTERIOUS.
 +<del>So you have to manually download them and place them in the ''apps'' directory, or make a secondary directory if you want to keep them seperate (FIXME).</del>
 +<del>But if you add these lines to your ''config.php'' it should be fixed.
 +nbjp the ''appstoreurl'' is different than in the one in ''config.php.sample''.
 +  'appstoreenabled' => true,
 +  'appstoreurl' => '',
 +===== Upgrading =====
 +The trouble-free-est way to upgrade seems to be to [[SSH]] into the server, then run ''php occ upgrade'' from the directory owncloud's installed to.
 +To upgrade to a new version (IE 9 > 10) you have to download and reinstall first, retaining the ''data'' and ''config'' directories. My process is:
 +  * ''wget [latest version]'' to download latest version.
 +  * ''mv [owncloud dir] [owncloud dir]-backup'' to rename.
 +  * ''tar xvjf [latest version archive]'' to extract archive.
 +  * ''cp -avr [owncloud dir]-backup/config [owncloud dir]/config''\\ ''cp -avr [owncloud dir]-backup/data [owncloud dir]/data'' to copy over data and configuation stuffs.
 +  * ''cd [owncloud dir]'' and ''php occ upgrade''
 +{{tag>open-source fixes}}
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