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-===== Aplications ​=====+===== Applications ​=====
   * [[git>​tootsuite/​documentation/​blob/​master/​Using-Mastodon/​]]   * [[git>​tootsuite/​documentation/​blob/​master/​Using-Mastodon/​]]
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 ==== Tools ==== ==== Tools ====
   * [[git>​kensanata/​mastodon-backup]]   * [[git>​kensanata/​mastodon-backup]]
 +  * [[git>​dizzy-labs/​mastodon-archive-to-html]]
 ===== Admin ===== ===== Admin =====
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   * [[git>​tootcafe/​blocked-instances]]   * [[git>​tootcafe/​blocked-instances]]
   * [[http://​​Instances-to-silencesuspend-on-Mastodon-06-23|BLOCKchain Blocklist Advisory]]   * [[http://​​Instances-to-silencesuspend-on-Mastodon-06-23|BLOCKchain Blocklist Advisory]]
 +===== Bots =====
 +==== RSS ====
 +So far I've just setup a bot that posts once a day if a Youtube channel is updated. Wasn't too hard!
 +You can check it out at https://​​@classicsofgame
 +I used [[https://​​chaica/​feed2toot|Feed2toot]],​ which uses Python, and takes care of registering itself (bots/apps need to register to get an ID and stuff). Here'​re the steps I took.
 +  - Make the bot account. Do this like you'd make any other account. Make sure you edit the account'​s profile so it gets labelled as a bot. Typically people will also say who owns the bot, how often it posts, and where they got their script from.
 +  - Grab Feed2toot from gitlab and set it up following the instructions in the readme.
 +  - FIXME
 +Mine's hosted on my namecheap shared server. To set it up there you
 +  - grab the repro from gitlab and set it up,
 +  - then go into cpanel and register a python app. This creates a //virtual environment//​ and instructions on how to get into it, which you need to install modules with pip, as well as use a current version of Python.
 +  - You can also setup a cron job in cpanel. Dunno if this's right, but it works, mine uses three commands separated by ''&&''​ to switch into the virtual environment,​ change to the directory I want, then run the script pointing to the location of my .INI file.
 +=== See Also ===
 +  * https://​​en/​latest/​
 +  * https://​​tootsuite/​documentation/​blob/​master/​Using-the-API/​​apps
 +  * https://​​support/​knowledgebase/​article.aspx/​9832/​29/​how-to-run-python-scripts-and-configure-virtual-environment
 ===== Trivia ===== ===== Trivia =====
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