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 +{{ :media:images:lubuntu_logo.png}}
 +I run Lubuntu on [[..:hardware:acer#Extensa 5210|an old laptop]] I have, that I mostly use for watching films with Kodi. I'm not very used to Debian/Ubuntu flavours, so I'm making lots of notes.
 +=====Useful Commands=====
 +  * ''lsb_release -a'' check distro release version
 +When there's a new proper version of the distro things get a little trickier sometimes, especially if you haven't updated in ages.
 +I ran into a problem where it wouldn't update from 15.10 to 17.10 becaues for some reason it was set to only upgrade to LTS releases (fine), but I was somehow on a non-LTS! This was easy enough to change in ''/etc/update-manager/release-upgrades''
 +  * Getting ready / setting the table:
 +    - ''sudo apt-get update'' then
 +    - ''sudo apt-get upgrade'' then
 +    - ''sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'' to get your current version up-t%%o-%%date.
 +    - ''sudo apt-get autoremove'' and
 +    - ''sudo apt-get clean'' to clean up a bit.
 +    - ''sudo apt-get install update-manager-core'' to make sure update mechanism is up-t%%o-%%date.
 +  * Upgrade:
 +    - ''sudo d%%o-%%release-upgrade''
 +Adding these lines to ''/etc/apt/sources.list'' auto picks the closest mirrors when updating.
 +deb mirror:// precise main restricted universe multiverse
 +deb mirror:// precise-updates main restricted universe multiverse
 +deb mirror:// precise-backports main restricted universe multiverse
 +deb mirror:// precise-security main restricted universe multiverse
 +  * [[]]
 +  * Useful? [[]]
 +{{tag>fixes linux}}
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