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 ====== Linux ====== ====== Linux ======
 +===== Fixes =====
 +==== Memory ====
 +Not having a great time with the kernal's OOM((__O__ut-__O__f-__M__emory)) Killer at the moment; it's not doing the job I expected it to, and I'm getting freezes when I get down to about 1GB of RAM.
 +There are three userspace solutions I've read about:
 +  * **[[The Early OOM Daemon]]** | [[git>rfjakob/earlyoom]] [[aur>earlyoom]]
 +  * **[[nohang]]** | [[git>hakavlad/nohang]] [[aur>nohang-git]]
 +  * **[[oomd]]** | [[git>facebookincubator/oomd]] [[aur>oomd]] [[aur>oomd-git]]
 +The main memory hog is me having a lot of tabs open in [[Firefox]], which in combination with [[Electron]] garbage and other hoggy things like a second web browser and [[Thunderbird]] 'causes most of the problems. Sometimes I even forget I have all those things up and start playing a game :/
 +=== See Also ===
 +  * [[|OOM Killer]] on the Linux-mm((__M__emory __M__anagement)) wiki.
 +  * [[|Surviving the Linux OOM Killer]]
 ===== Printing ===== ===== Printing =====
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