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 +====== Inkscape ======
 +===== Tips =====
 +==== Importing an SVG from an HTML document ====
 +Dunno if there'​s an easier way to do this, but there is a potentially tedious way!
 +  - First you want to grab the markup from the HTML document. either grab everything in the ''<​svg>''​ element, or just everything in the ''<​g>''​ element.
 +  - Then in Inkscape you want to open the //XML Editor//: either
 +    * ''​Edit > XML Editor ...''​ or
 +    * ''​Ctrl+Shift+X''​
 +  - The leftmost button in the XML Editor creates a 'new element node'; press that, and call the node ''​svg:​path'' ​ - With that element/​node selected, select the '​id'​ attribute in the window to the right. You can change the name if you wish, but either way press '​set'​ to fill out more details.
 +  - There should now be a '​d'​ element, select this, and insert all the info. from the ''​d''​ attribute of the markup you've grabbed from the web. It'll be inside the ''​path''​ element. Then click '​set'​.
 +  - Repeat this process of creating nodes, setting the ids, and pasting in the d (lol) stuff for all paths you're importing.
 +  * If your path has other attributes (for example ''​fill''​ or ''​fill-rule''​) you can add that i nthe usual way you would in Inkscape, or create a style attribute where the '​id'​ and '​d'​ ones are.
 +  * https://​​questions/​48930212/​how-to-import-svg-code-into-inkscape
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